Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Matte Top Coat

The squeals of delight that came out of me last week when I discovered that my local Dunnes Stores now has a Wet 'n' Wild stand got me a few funny looks in the toiletries aisle! So putting the fact that I made a complete eegit of myself aside - I picked up a few bits to try out and thought I'd share my thoughts on their Matte Top Coat.

Not sure why it's under their Wild Shine line of polishes as it's a Matte Top Coat that doesn't make much sense to me to be honest - but I'm seriously impressed with this top coat! I'm sure you all know that you apply a matte top coat over any polish and it takes the shine and glossiness away and leaves you with a really nice matte effect, meaning you don't have to buy actual matte polishes to get the effect - hurray!

Wet'n'Wild Matte Top Coat Over OPI's Mermaid Tears - yes that is a bit of a hole in my polish, I never said i was any good at painting nails! ;)

Wet 'n' Wild's matte top coat offering works perfectly, it completely takes away the shine of your polish (though there is a slight shine in the photo above for some reason I can assure you they are completely matte in real life) and leaves a really smooth perfectly matte finish, unlike some others that still leave a slight shine on the polish.

Not only does it leave things perfectly matte, but it only cost €1.99! I'm just seriously blown away at how good this is for the price point! 

I've picked up a few other bits from Wet'n'Wild and have to say I'm liking everything so far so keep an eye out for more Wet'n'Wild bits on the blog over the next while!

Have you tried the matte top coat? What are your thoughts on it? Also recommendations for other products from Wet'n'Wild that are worth trying are welcome - I'm pretty obsessed with their stuff right now! 

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