Friday, 24 February 2012

eos Smooth Sphere Balm

Hello again!

I was thinking, seeing as I recently posted about how to make a Home made Lip Scrub, that I should really do a post aboout what I think is the best lip balm i've used. I know there's always been a lot of hype about eos smooth spheres, and I was always sceptic about them. I was like well it's a lip balm....what could be so special about a lip balm? A few months back I spotted them on Beauty Emporium's site here. I have never seen these anywhere in Ireland, so I presume that the only place to get them here is online. So I ordered two, I got the Strawberry Sorbet and the Honeysuckle Honeydew. The photos are a little dark in this post but are still clear.

L - R: Honeysuckle Honeydew and Strawberry Sorbet
These look weird, but cute at the same time. They are literally spheres like the name says. The outside is plastic, with an almost rubbery feel to it. There's a little thumb indent on one of the sides too, so that it's easier to hold and use.

L - R: Same as above, but with caps off

You twist off the cap and you see a little dome shaped balm. It's different looking. I wondered if it'd make it awkward to use because of the shape of the actual balm, but it dosent. I actually find that it makes it easier and quicker to put on.

So aside from how different this balm looks, does it live up to the hype I hear you ask? 

Yes, it definatley does!

These glide on so smooth and don't feel greasy like Vaseline and other balms do. You pretty much feel them moisturising your lips straight away, and if you can resist licking them off your lips (because they taste yummy, and exactly like what theyre supposed to be flavour wise) they stay put for a good while so you have long lasting moisturisation. 

Not only are these great for moisturising, if you're a bit consious about how many chemicals are in the products you use, you'll be happy to know that these balm spheres are 100% natural and 95% organic. Theyre also gluten, paraben and petroleum free and have ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. 

Theyre also great to carry around, as theyre small, but the funny shape makes them easy to find if you throw them in a handbag. You may get funny reactions from people when they say you use it though, my dads reaction being ( what the f***k are you putting on your lips!?) being the funniest one yet!

Go to the eos website for more information on them. All in all these are great little balms and i'm hooked on them!

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

O.P.I Haul: Pirates Of The Caribbean Mini Collection, Meep Meep Meep and Silver Shatter


Over the last few days i've recieved a few orders i made online for O.P.I polishes. I had been admiring a certain few for a long time and debating if I could justify buying nail polish that is so expensive. I looked at so many blogs and swatches that I made myself want some so badly! (Especially the Pirates Of The Carribean Collection) So.... I got some! : ) Actually, I got a lot of stuff, so this post will be a bit picture heavy.

I have been looking at swatches and reviews of the Pirates collection for so long now, and I decided I was going to get it! But no site I was on had the mini collection, but eventually I found and Irish site that stocks so much O.P.I. polishes its insane! And what did I see? The Pirates mini collection! Yay! I am aware that I don't have the full set here, There are two more that I know of. I'm waiting for the Mermaid's Tears polish to come yet, and I don't really like the swatches if seen of Steady As She Rose, so I think i'm gonna skip getting that one alltogether.

L - R: Skull and Gloss Bones, Planks A Lot, Sparrow Me The Drama and Stranger  Tides

Look how pretty those colours are! I was really happy that they were exactly what I was expecting them to be at first glance, so far so good. And I love the packaging, There's a little mermaid on there, dont know if its overly clear or not, but it's cool packaging. Now onto the polishes!
Skull And Gloss Bones
Skull And Gloss Bones would be my least favourite out of the collection. Not that I dislike it or anything, just compared to the others it's a little bland. It's a light grey polish that looks like it has a little brown in there too.  It's nice, but putting this in there along side the other bright shades makes this one look dull and boring.
Skull And Gloss Bones 

Planks A Lot
Planks A Lot is a dusky purple colour. It's almost a lavender colour. My camera wasn't picking up the colour of this one great, it's actually a lot more vibrant than it appears in the photos. I really like this shade, it's the perfect purple for spring and I can see myself reaching for this a lot.

Planks A Lot

Sparrow Me The Drama
Sparrow Me The Drama. This is the reason I wanted to try this whole collection. It's just so pretty! It's a light pink shade, but not so light that it makes my hands look dead. There's a kind of dusky look to this one too.It's my favourite of the bunch. I have already ordered a full sized bottle of this already because I love it so much that this little one won't last at all!

Sparrow Me The Drama

Stranger Tides

Stranger Tides was so hard to take photos of! It's actually a sage green shade that has grey in it. It appears a lot more green in real life than it does in the photos. I was surprised by how much I liked this one a lot more than I thought I would!

Stranger Tides
 I'm so glad I found the Pirates Collection somewhere. I was going crazy trying to find it. All of the swatches were a little rushed as I was rushing to get these done before I had to go somewhere, so they're all just one coat and I have to say they covered pretty well with just one, so if you're in a rush and want to do your nails and only have time for one coat of polish, these arent bad ones to go with. However, I do think they look even better with two coats. I love the Pirates collection! Can't wait to get my big version of Sparrow Me The Drama, and also the Mermaid's Tears shade, from photos i've seen on other blogs, it looks beautiful!

I also decided that I needed more O.P.I polish as the one mini collection was not enough! So I headed over to Cloud 10 Beauty, which is my favourite site to get anything from, they have amazing value and great shipping rates, and a beauty points reward system. Anyway, they had a bit of a sale going on, so I picked up Meep meep meep, a polish from the Muppets collection, and also a silver shatter polish.

Meep Meep Meep

Meep Meep Meep is gorgeous! Though it's described as a fusicha colour, I think it's more of a pinkish, raspberry red type shade. It has some glitter in there too, but itsnt overloaded with it, it has just the right amount. Apologies for the messy shot below, but I think you'll get an idea of what it looks like. Again this was only after one coat as I was in a rush, but again theres great coverage on this probably due to the wide brush O.P.I. polishes have but it really is so pretty!

Meep Meep Meep

Silver Shatter

The Silver Shatter has really dissapointed me. I like the shattered polish look and saw swactches of this with both the Pirates collection and with meep meep meep and it looked amazing! I put this on, thinking it was going to be barely cracked. So basically I was left with just silver nails. And yes...I was doing it right I've been rocking the shattered nails look for ages now, so I know how to do it properly. So unless the O.P.I. shatters have some special instructions that others dont, or unless I got a polish from a bad batch or something I dont know, but it really didn't work, I didn't even take photos I was that annoyed by this. I really wanted to love it so badly.

So thats my O.P.I. haul! I'm really going to invest in more from this brand, the quality is amazing and the colours are beautiful and also I love the names they give them. So thats it! If anyone knows why my silver shatter isn't working so great let me know, or if your shatter was like this too it'd be good to know that i'm not the only person it's not worked for.

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

DIY Beauty: Lip Scrub

Hi Everyone!

Lately i've been really concious of what is in the products i've been using, especially what's in my skincare. I've also been pretty concious of the price of natural and organic's insane! I haven't got a lot of money to play around with, and I hate spending too much money on anything, especially skincare. So i've been doing a little dabbling in home made beauty products, and for the most part i'm seeing great results from some of this stuff, so I thought i'd share it. The first thing I want to share is my Lip Scrub recipe. It's so easy, and you probably have all the stuff you need in your kitchen already, so no need to rush to the shops to get anything!

Homemade Lip Scrub

What You Will Need: 

  • Small jar/container with a lid (for mixing and storing your lip scrub in)
  • Honey/Golden Syrup (Honey is the best)
  • Olive oil (Sunflower oil will do if you don't have this)
  • Sugar (Any kind will do, white sugar or brown, also the coarser the sugar is the better)
  • A tinted lipbalm/lipstick if you want to add colour to your scrub.
  • A toothpick or something to mix with

What to do:
  • Squeeze a little of the Honey/Syrup into your container. If your Honey has crystalised, dont worry you can still use it.
  • Add a few drops of olive oil, this is the moisturising ingredient, so it's important not to skip this ingredient. Also if you want to use Vaseline or another balm here instead you can, but I like to use oil, as this scrub tastes so good I end up licking it off and I don't want to be eating Vaseline!
  • Add a teaspoon of Sugar and mix. If the scrub is looking a little too thick, add a few more drops of olive oil to thin it. I usually use two to two and a half teaspoons of sugar, as I like the scrub to be really coarse, you can add as little or as much sugar as you want.
  • If you want to tint your scrub, add in a little of your tinted balm/lipstick and mix well to tint the scrub, I dont do this because I like to keep the scrub as natural as possible.

Tada! You have a lovely lip scrub! :-D

To use the lip scrub you just apply it like a balm, rub it into your lips as gently or as rough as you want to and then you can wash or lick it off! I usually lick mine off as i dont put vaseline in it its completely edible, and it tastes yummy!
I'm left with really soft lips,it removes any dry skin you may have too. I also recommend applying a good balm after this to make lips extra soft! I use my eos balm sphere because theyre my favourite! Using the scrub makes sure that any balm you put on will really get into your lips and work as there's no old dead skin sitting there.

You can store this in the fridge for up to a week. I find the scrub is gentle enough to use everyday, but you need to be more gentle rubbing it on your lips if you plan to do it everyday. I do have to make more of this every week, but it takes less than five minutes to do so it's no hassle making it.

I hope you enjoy trying this out, i've been doing this for a few weeks now and have been getting great results from it, if you've tried this and it's worked or have any other ideas to make this better please leave a comment and let me know : )

Thanks for reading! 

X o X
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