About Beauty Spot

Hello and welcome to Molly's Beauty Spot!

 Molly's Beauty Spot is run by Mairead, who also goes by the nickname Molly, hence the name of the blog. 

I am a 24 year old aspiring Beauty blogger, who is in love with all things beauty related especially make up.

I started this blog because I live in a house where I am the only girl, and where no one wants to listen to me going on about make up and girly things. 

My interest in beauty products has grown to such a level that I felt the need to share my love for powders, potions and lotions somehow, so that's how my blog was born!

Though this may not be the biggest or best blog on the Internet, it has become a really great part of my life that I really enjoy hope to keep making better as time goes on. 

Thank you to the followers I already have and anymore who may come along, I hope that you enjoy reading what I post on my own little corner of the Internet and I thank you so much for supporting me!


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