Friday, 12 October 2012

Review: Essence Cherry Blossom Girl 2in1 Eyeliner Pen

Hello! This post is going to be a bit of a rant, so it may have a few expletives!
 For ages I was looking for a nice brown liquid eyeliner pen and while in the chemist one day I saw that esssence had yet another collection out, which was cutely named Cherry Blossom Girl. I spotted this eyeliner pen and it was brown and double ended! I practically screamed with excitetement in the shop (awkward!) Anyway I went home to play with said eyeliner and proceeded to be utterly dissapointed.

Essence 2in1 Eyeliner Pen in My Little Kimono

At first glance this couldnt be better, an essence eyeliner pen that is brown and is double ended with a thicker end and a thin end? Amazeballs! Thats where that thought got killed. The initial idea of this eyeliner is great, I love the way the thick end gives thick, dramatic lines and how precise and neat the thin end draws. The problem is the formula itself. It goes on well at first and all seems well but it dosent seem to set properly, leaving the imprint of your liner on your eyelid. Thats all well and good, you can just wipe that away, right? WRONG! This liner stains like a mo'fo! It just does not come off! That would be a good thing to have staying power, but this thing litterally tattoos on your lash line and no amount scrubbing seems to fully remove it. It does fade over time, but you really dont want to be scrubbing at your eye area trying to get your eyeliner off, youre just going to end up hurting your eyes and its a well know fact that excess rubbing and tugging on your eye area does nothing good for wrinkles etc. Before anyone says it I know it says that it stains skin and contact lenses and that its semi permanant, but I dont understand why anyone would actually want their eyeliner to stain their skin and be semi permanant?

Thick End

Thin End
Left: Thick End, Right: Thin End

I really love essence but this liner has really frustrated me, I really wish they had done it better because the idea of it is really great. Also its the perfect brown colour I was looking for, I just dont think they executed this well, I personally dont want brown stained eyelids for days after I wear this. 
On a brighter note there are some really lovely shades of polish in the Cherry Blossom Girl collection, I just think these liners are a bit of a miss.

Until next time, bye! 

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