Sunday, 5 January 2014

My Week In Pictures #6: A Slow Week, Resolutions Update And Being Poorly

FromTop, L-R: Weight loss progress! My dogs looking seriously guilty after they all found a muddy puddle to roll around in! A beautiful Orchid (my favourite flower!) My new make up area

From Top,L-R: Two new pairs of Jammies for under a tenner in the sales, Lemon and lime water, How i'll be spending my Sunday afternoon - catching up on reading blogs and eating chocolate!

Firstly, please forgive that i've used a few of my own Snapchat photos in this MWIP post, but they were in my camera roll and were two of the highlights of a very boring week!
I've had a pretty slow week this week on account of everyone being back to work after Christmas and just being ill and exhausted. I've spent most of the week lounging around on the sofa trying to get rest and a little extra sleep, though I can never seem to sleep during the day, it just seems weird to me to be asleep when its bright out and when there's things I should be doing! I'm starting a two week course of injections for Vitamin B12 deficiency on Monday as my levels are seriously low and have been for years but it went undetected, so fingers crossed that they fix a lot of problems I've been having health wise! Honestly if all they do is fix my energy levels I'll be so happy.

Speaking of health, one of my resolutions this year is to get on top of my eating, I've decided the best way to do it is start off slowly, and add new things in and take things away gradually, because every other time I've tried to get my diet in order I've taken on too much all at once and it never works. I've read a few places that doing it slowly and gradually is more likely to make you see a healthier diet as a habit and not as a "diet" so that's the approach I'm taking. The first change I'm making is to cut out fizzy drinks. I'm a serious Coke drinker a habit I picked up from my ex, funnily enough I hated the stuff before I met him! So I'm trying to drink more water, and I get bored of it pretty easily so last night I made a jug of lemon and lime water hoping the flavour in the water will help me drink more! Plus its supposed to be cleansing, make you eat less and I could do with the extra Vitamin C!

As for updates on other resolutions, I've not broken any! But I haven't exactly jumped into any of them either! Though I have kicked myself into applying for a Childcare course which starts in March, I'm really hoping to get it as m job search is still turning up absolutely nothing. I've had a few interviews, but it's making me so discouraged, I think it's my anxiety that's failing me when it comes to the interview stage of things. So I'm thinking maybe going in a new direction and re-training in something I'm interested in and good at will boost my confidence, who knows? But it's worth a try!

On the blog front, I've a lot of ideas and I'm planning on doing another giveaway soon. I'm not fully decided on what I'll be giving away yet, I have a few ideas but if there's anything you'd love to see as a prize in a giveaway leave a comment and let me know! I really enjoyed doing my last giveaway, though it was only a small one I want to do a much more exciting one this time around because I know how to run one now! 

Before I go, this week I built myself some shelves and I'm sort of using it as a make up storage/vanity area, and I was looking at the Muju acrylic type storage that they have on eBay. I know a ton of bloggers and you tubers use this type of storage but to any of you that have the same kind of set up, is it really worth investing in it? I really want to organise my make up better and am thinking of getting something along the lines of the Muju storage. What I have at the minute is ok, ( you can see it in the photos above) but I just want to have everything laid out better. If anyone has any posts about how they store their make up leave a link in a comment because honestly, I'm obsessed with getting my make up area organised at the moment!

I hope you have all had a good week, and aren't finding getting back to normal a pain after the holidays! 


  1. Your dogs look so cute! x

  2. wow looks like you've been kinda busy this week. Gotta love a good old snapchat picture, it's my second fave app (that's high in my scale lol) xx


  3. They are very cute Lorna and very gulity looking in that picture, I had just told them off and they always pull those faces and make me feel bad when I do! haha x

  4. I've had a quiet week actually Laura, didn't stop me taking photos of everything! I love snapchat too, it's slowly taking over my life! lol X

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Lovely Pics hunny love the doggies and the make up area

    New follower

    Carrieanne x

  6. I'm hoping the make up area will look a lot better once I've figured out what I want to do with it! Thanks for following Carrieanne! :) x

  7. Your dogs are so cute! I've been trying to eat healthy as well. Loving the makeup station! Aw, I feel horrible during interviews as well. Good luck!

  8. Thanks Lupe, they're cute but they're a handful! lol It looks kind of crappy at the moment, but it's become a mission and an obsession to get it looking better! x

  9. your dogs are so adorable! im a pet owner too, i have a little yorkshire terrier :) and about the muji acrylic organizers im also thinking of getting those too. im still debating it in my head cause im currently happy with make up train case. im a clutter queen and as much as possible i wanna avoid leaving things on top of my desk :D

    1. I love yorkshire terriers! My dogs are springer spaniels, if I didn't already have 3 dogs I'd love to get a great dane :) I'm hoping if I got the muju storage it would make me use more of what I had because I'd see everything clearer! x


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