Saturday, 3 December 2011

ELF Duo Eye Shadow Cream

Elf Duo Eye shadow cream Left: Butter Pecan Right: Sugar Cookie

These little babies are awesome!! 

I can't blow Elf's trumpet anymore than I have already. Elf are a fantastic brand, and I am a huge fan! Their products are really a bit hit and miss. These Duo Eye shadow creams are one of their products that have gotten mixed reviews in other blogs i've read, but I really like them. 
First thing I like is the price they're only €1.70. They really could charge more for these seeing as you get two different shades of cream shadow in one pot.

Sugar Cookie
The first one I have, which is my favourite of the two is Sugar Cookie. This has a light pink shade and a golden one. They didn't swatch too well because they are so light and because my skin is so ghostly looking that they don't show up great on my sorry about that! 

Sugar Cookie Swatch Left: Pink shade, Right: Golden shade

Butter Pecan

The second one I have is the Butter Pecan one, and I haven't used this one as much as Sugar Cookie but it's still really pretty! It has a dark brown shade that has a goldness to it and the lighter side is a hard one to describe, its kind of a brown/pink/peachy/gold colour.

Butter Pecan Swatch Left: Darker Brown/Golden shade Right: Lighter Peachy/Pink/Brown/Gold shade

Now onto what I think! These are really creamy, blendable and quite pigmented. They're so easy to work with and you can wear the colours alone or together. I usually use them if i'm in a hurry for just a quick wash over my eyelid. I mostly use these under eye shadow of similar colours, they really brigten powder shadows of similar shades, make them last longer too, so if you use a primer AND one of these before a powder shadow, you're going to get some seriously long lasting vibrant eye looks.
Also bot sides of  the Sugar Cookie Duo make great highlighters! I bring the Sugar Cookie one with me when i'm travelling because I'm scared of breaking my Benefit Highbeam so this is a good alternative to that or for just saving space in your make up bag! I also want to try the black liquorice duo, im thinking maybe the dark side of that would make a good liner? Has anyone tried that with the black liquorice one before?

Thanks for reading and take care!


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