Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


I am so sorry I haven't posted! So annoyed with myself! Had a lot of things going on again this week, but life has slowed down long enough for the moment for me to turn my attention back to the blog!

I have been meaning to do a review on this for a while now, don't know why I haven't done it sooner, because it's really one of my favourite things in the world!

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Ahhhh! I love this stuff! It's so good! I've been using it for a few years and it really is the best eyeshadow primer i've come across. I know people think it's a waste of time and money buying a shadow primer, but personally I have to use it, I have oily eye lids, so everything I put on there just seems to slide right off so with a good lid primer that dosent happen. Shadow primers also bring the colour of brighter shadows out more and stops creasing, so I think everyone should use an eye shadow primer!

Primer Potion with lid screwed off

The first thing i'll say is this is my first time trying the new packaging of the primer potion, (It used to have a doe-foot wand, kind of like a lip gloss wand) and it was so hard to get all the product out of there but now with this squeezy tube it's made it so much easier to use and you also get 10 percent more product...Yay!

Primer Potion Swatched

Primer Potion Blended

So basically when you squeeze a bit of this out, it looks like a creamy concealer, but it blends to nothing so dont worry about having weird coloured eyelids! Then you let it set for a few minutes and put your eye shadow over it.

Top of hand: Shadow without Primer Potion, Bottom of hand: Shadow over  Primer Potion
In the picture above, you will see two shadow swatches, one without a primer potion base, one with. The swatches are of the same shadow, a metallic blue shade. The difference in colour when using the primer potion is obvious. The swatch over the primer potion is more a vibrant blue, while the one without the base is dull and almost black looking in colour. So it's obvious it brings out the colour of your shadows better. As for making them long wearing and non-creasing, trust me it does both! I get through a whole day with my eyeshadow intact and still looking pretty good after hours of wear, with no creasing at all!

I really can't live without my primer potion! Only problem is that it's €19.50, seems like a huge rip off, but when you try it and see how good it is, you can kind of justifiy spending that much money on this! I got this at the Urban Decay counter in Debenhams in the Ilac center (I think!) in Dublin, but every Urban Decay counter will have it, there are also a range of shades, I haven't tried the others, so I am not sure how they work but the one I use is the original one and works for every colour of eyeshadow, so I would be more inclined to get this one!

Thanks for reading and take care!


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