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Sigma Mr Bunny Essential Brush Kit

Sigma Mr Bunny Essential Brush Kit

I purchased the Sigma Mr Bunny Synthetic brush kit last November just after my birthday as a present with money my dad gave me. I had been salavating over the kit for ages but it had a huge price tag costing €120. 
I owned a good few Sigma brushes before I bought the kit and I had much love for the ones I had so eventually I took the plunge and ordered the kit from Cloud10 Beauty here. You can also get the Mrs Bunny brush set on the site also, it's the same set of brushes but the brush handles are blue and the ferrules are pink instead of the simple black handles and silver ferrules of the Mr Bunny set.
The Mr Bunny (and Mrs Bunny) brush set is a synthetic version of Sigma's Essential brush kit, meaning that instead of the brush hairs being of animal origin they are made from man made synthetic materials. I actually prefer synthetic brushes, as theyre easier to clean, hold their shape better and dont absorb as much of your products so youre not wasting any extra make up. Being synthetic also means that these brushes are animal friendly which is always a good thing.
You get 12 brushes in the set, 5 face and 7 eye brushes. They come with two brush cups that you can leave separate or click together for a sturdy way of bringing brushes with you when you travel.
There's also a handy leaflet in the box telling you what you can use the individual brushes for. The photo of the leaflet isn't great, so i'll write what use Sigma suggests for each brush in the leaflet with each individual brush.

Info Leaflet

Eye Brushes

E05 Eyeliner 

A fine tipped brush for a precise, even stroke to line eyes. I like this brush but personally I think it draws lines a little to thickly, I prefer Sigma's E10 brush for liner.

E30 Pencil

Precise application of colour to the crease, outer corner and both lash lines. Love this brush for detailed work. Gives you great control on the outer corner of the eye and stops your shadow going everywhere. A bit too small to use in the crease unless youre doing a cut crease, can imagine it being good for that. Best use for me is for smuding pencil and eyeshadows on my lower lash line.

E40 Tapered Blending 

Rounded and tapered top. Designed to apply and blend colour on the crease. My favourite eye brush in the set. Fantastic for blending purposes, may blend too well to be used to apply colour in the crease but great for blending edges of eyeshadow.

E55 Eye Shading 

Use to apply eyeshadow and pigments. I like this one for pigments, it picks them up really well and there isn't as much fallout with them when you use this brush. Also a good smudging brush if you dont have to be precise. 

E60 Large Shader 

Ideal for cream formulas and primers. I dont use this one a whole lot, its kind of too large. I actually use this as a concealer brush and the concealer brush from this kit the way this brush is intended to be used. They're the same brush essentially, but there's a size difference as you can see in the picture below.

E65 Small Angle 

For application of gel or cream liner on upper and lower lashline. I use this for my eyebrows (when I can be bothered doing them) but mainly for pushing eyeshadow into my lower and upper lashlines it works incredibly well for this as it's so small.

E70 Medium Angled Shading 

Angled, tapered, flat top. Use to apply highlight shades under brow and in inner corners. This is a great allround brush. Good for highlighting as the leaflet says, but I mostly use it for putting a shadow all over my lid, it works good enough for blending too as its fluffy.

Face Brushes 

F30 Large Powder

Dense with a round top. Use for applying powder products on face and body. Amazing powder brush! Easily my favourite brush from the whole kit. Really soft bristles and it evenly distributes powder on the skin without knocking foundation away like other powder brushes. Good for an all over dusting of bronzer on face and neck, not great for contouring.

F40 Large Angled Contour 

Angled for applying blush or contour shades. I have the non synthetic version of this brush and I much prefer the synthetic version. It holds its shape unbeliveably compared to the normal one as you can see from the photo below. This is the only brush I use for contour its fantastic, I use the non synthetic version for blush instead.

F50 Duo Fibre 

Generates an airbrushed finish with blush, highlight shades and foundation. I use this for blush, mainly cream blushes and cream highlighters. I've never understood using duo fibre brushes with foundation, for me, it makes it look streaky I use Sigma's F80 or F82 for foundation. If someone knows how to make the F50 work for foundation let me know!

F60 Foundation 

Use to apply liquid or cream foundation or to conceal large areas. This brush dosent get a lot of use, I mainly only use it when my F80 and F82 are dirty. It is a good foundation brush though, dosent leave streaks on your face like standard flat foundation brushes do.

F70 Concealer

Ideal for concealing the under eye area and blemishes. Like I said earlier I use this brush as an eye brush and the E60 as a concealer brush. This one is good for concealer but I just find the E60 quicker to work with as it's bigger and conceals bigger areas more quickly.

So there's a pretty picture heavy post! I absolutley adore my Mr Bunny brush set, can't reccomend it highly enough. It is definatley expensive but works out a lot cheaper than MAC brushes for instance and they're just as good quality. I love the set so much that i'm currently saving up for a second one but I may get the Mrs Bunny set this time because the colours are so pretty. 

This brush id definatley an investment though and if you take proper care of it you will have it for a long, long time. I have had mine since November and have washed them religiously once a week (and havent been too gentle with them either) and they still look brand new, with minimal staining and they havent lost their shape.
If you're going to splurge on MAC brushes, i'd seriously have a rethink and consider investing in this kit.


  1. Very nice review!cute blog btw!:)

  2. Really love this set, nice review xx

    1. I love it too! I've had it for a year and a half now and every brush in the set is holding up pefectly, I might invest in another one day soon! :) x


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