Monday, 23 September 2013

Affordable Neutral Palette Picks

I am without doubt, a neutral shadow lover. I own more neutral shadows than anything else, I cant get enough of them.
I have a good mix of higher end palettes along with high street palettes. (or what some would call drugstore) 
I use and love them all, I love some more than I love others. Surprisingly some of the cheaper options are favoured over the more expensive options. 
That's why i'm writing this post.
 There are so many neutral palettes being released, and the ones we're drawn towards are the pretty expensive higher end ones like Urban Decay's Naked Palettes, which are great, I own all of the Naked palettes, I adore them, but there are some pretty great cheaper highstreet/drugstore alternatives that are pretty great too.

Firstly, I wasn't sure if I was going to include them because people include them in the higher end side of things but Inglot has some awesome shadows. 

Inglot Freedom System Shadows L-R: 152,153,154
L-R:152, 153, 154,

Their freedom system is great you can buy an palette from them and pick out your eyeshadows from a huge selection of shades. 
If you're to buy the empty palette from them, it can get a bit more expensive, but if you own a z-palette or any magnetized palette already you dont have to buy the palette from them, meaning you can just pick up the eyeshadow pans alone and they're pretty cheap this way, I picked up 3 shadows a while back and I cant remember exactly but it came in at just over €15 for the 3 of them, which isn't terrible if you want a few great quality shadows that you can pick yourself without breaking the bank. 
These 3 Inglot shadows are some of the best shadows I own pigment and texture wise and I don't know why I don't use them, but writing this post and having to do swatches for them has made me realise how amazing they are again and now I have every intention of filling up the rest of my Z-palette with Inglot shadows, oops!

I've choosen 3 other good picks from cheaper brands, 2 palettes and one trio. 
The first palette is Sleek's Au Naturel Palette.

i've done a post on this in the past here, so I wont go into too much detail but for swatches you should look at that post. 
The Au Naturel palette is really versatile, great quality and you get 12 really nice shades in there from browns, to some more greener and purple shades, all for under €10. So if you want a full palette but don't want to splash out on the higher end palettes this could be the way to go.

Next is another palette, Catrice's Absolute Nude Palette, which has 6 shadows for between €5 and €6. 

I've actually found myself picking this up a lot lately, the shades themselves are lovely, though the shadows are a little drier than the Sleek palette for example they're still easy to work with and you can get a few different looks out of it, ranging from very natural to smokey.
 There's less of a variety of colours in here though and it pretty much is shades of brown, so if you want a little more than just brown shades to play with i'd still go for the sleek palette for those few different shades. 
This however isnt something that should be ignored because of the price point as it's a really lovely little palette, which is included in a giveaway im doing, which you can enter here if you'd like to.

My last pick is a trio from 17. It's the In The Nude Trio.

It has the basics for a neutral eye with a light lid/highlight shade, a midtone and a deeper shade, so again you have what you need for a really basic look or you could do a light smokey eye with this. 
I actually fell in love with this trio after seeing Sineadycady from The Make Up Chair using it a lot in her videos. 
The colours are nice and easy to work with and it's nice to have all you need for one eye look in something smaller than a palette sometimes. 17's trios are around the €7 mark and there are a few more to choose from, including one similar to this but just more shimmery.

So there you have it, if you're looking for some good neutral shadows but are unsure of spending a lot of money, why not try these out first, you never know you may end up loving one of these more than one of the more expensive palettes. 

Do you know anymore cheaper alternatives for neutral palettes? Leave a comment and let us know! 


  1. Great post, I have the 17 one and find myself using it a lot. I don't wear eyeshadow often but every now and again for a nice day out I do like a very subtle brown smokey eye and that 17 trio is perfect for this, I love that it's not too shimmery.

    Might be tempted to buy the Sleek one, a few colours in that picture look really nice and after my recent Sleek purchase I'm starting to think a lot of this brand

    Great post :)

    Lisa x

    1. I agree about the 17 trio, most trios are just full of shimmer or matte and too dry this one is just perfect, sleek stuff is great their eyeshadows are the best products they have in my opinion. Love the one in this post and the storm palette is great too :) x

  2. Amazing Inglot swatches! I must get my hands on some! 17 nude trio is nice too! I tagged you in the This or That tag!(:

    1. I've now made myself need to fill my Z Palette with Inglot shadows, forgot how awesome they are!

      Thanks for tagging me, I'll check that out :) x

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  4. Great post! Check my blog to :)


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