Friday, 28 December 2012

Review: Urban Decay Vice Palette

Urban Decay Vice Palette

Just take a moment to look at the beauty of the Vice Palette, doesn't it just take your breath away? :)

I mentioned that my wonderful boyfriend got me the Vice palette Christmas Present Haul post here. He gave me this a few weeks before Christmas, so I've had it for the guts of a month now and have had so much fun playing with it and I'm head over heels in love with it!

The Vice Palette is UD's newest limited edition palette, with 20 brand new never before seen eyeshadow shades. When I say never seen before i mean that there are a few similar UD shadows available that resemble a few of the ones in the palette, but you're not going to have these exact ones in other UD palettes that you may have.

The packaging on the palette is beautiful. The shadows are contained in a Nars(esque) rubber feeling box, with a jewled UD icon on the front. There is also a button that when pushed, makes the lid slowly open to reveal your 20 eye shadows, a dual ended brush and a massive mirror. I really like the packaging on this, it looks expensive and unlike UD's other big ass palettes, its not made from cardboard so it's pretty travel friendly and not overly huge at all. The only thing is that the outside of the palette is hard to clean as it attracts finger prints, but that's a minor detail.

A closer look at the shadows


Top Row Swatches 

Desperation is a deep grey/brown with a satin finish.

Muse Chocolate brown with fine golden shimmer.

Jagged Medium browned olive shade with glitter.

Blitz Bright yellowed gold shade, with a metallic finish.

Penny Lane Shimmery peach shade that leans orange, quite a metallic finish.

Second Row Swatches

Junkie Bright blue/green with gold glitter. 

Chaos Bright matte blue, though sometimes I can see some very slight shimmer.

Occupy Silver/grey with a slight blue hue. Metallic finish.

Unhinged Bright metallic turquoise. 

Black Market Matte black.

Third Row Swatches

Provocateur A pink leaning towards lilac shade, with silver shimmer. Glittery finish.

Rapture Purple with a grey undertone, satin finish shadow.

Vice Deep, metallic purple.

Noise Bright loud pink, some shimmer to it, metallic/glitter finish.

Armor Taupe shade with silver tones. Metallic finish.

Bottom Row Swatches

Nevermind Cool toned medium brown, satin finish.

Echo Beach Light brown that leans slightly towards olive green, satin finish.

Anonymous Pale creamy flesh toned peach, matte finish.

Freebird Pink with peach leanings, frosty/metallic finish.

Laced Browned pink shade, matte finish.

The texture of most of these shadows is really buttery, bar the few very glittery ones but even they are easy to work with. Pigmentation is great on all except Chaos and Jagged, but you can build them up quite easily. Wear time is superb on their own, and even better with a primer. These don't go anywhere on me when I have a primer on and are still mostly intact at the end of the day.

This is by far one of UD's best palette releases of the last few years, in my opinion. It has everything from basic neutral shades to some fun bright ones, along with a nice amount of deeper shades. There really is something for everyone in this palette, great if you're only starting out and want to build up your shadow collection, and also great if like me you re a huge UD fan and already have most of their shades. The dual ended shading/blending brush that you get with the palette is pretty decent too.

The Vice Palette is limited edition, so I'm not sure how long it will still be around for as it has been out a good while now, I know there are still some in Debenhams as they still have it up on their website. 

Are any of you as in love with the Vice palette as I am? :)


  1. Excellent post here!

    -your newest follower,

    1. Thanks for your support! Am now following your lovely blog too :) Xx

  2. i love the vice palette but i also like their anniversary palette.. i can't say that this was the best.. but none the less, it is a great palette :)

    Check out my blog at: Caught in a Daze.

    1. I haven't got their anniversary palette the colours are way too bright in there for me! I think though there are still some bright colours in the vice palette they're not too bright so they're less scary and pretty usable :) Xx


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