Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Seventeen Super Lash Liner

Seventeen Super Lash Liner

On a recent trip to Boots to buy a new mascara I saw a deal on Seventeen's new Super Lash Mascara where you get the Super Lash Liner for free when you buy it! So I picked up both the mascara and the liner for €5! 

I haven't used the mascara yet as i'm waiting for my current one to run out before I open it, but I have to say that i've been really enjoying the liner!

The Super Lash liner is a liquid liner in felt tip form - but with a difference! Instead of being a regular pointed felt tip, it's angled, which for me has made it easier to get closer to my lashes and also makes it easier to do flicks and cat eyes especially if like me you don't have the steadiest hand!

The shape may make application easier, but the liner itself is lovely. It's a nice deep black shade and the lasting power is impressive, it dosent budge but also removes easily enough when you want it to. It dosent fade or transfer throughout the day which is great if you have oily lids like I do! 

Overall I think this is a great liner, but I think you can only buy it with the mascara at the moment and not on its own. If you dont need to pick up a new mascara and just want the liner I have noticed that Rinmel and Bourjois have the same kind of liners out with the angled felt tip so there is plenty of choice out there until you can buy this without the offer!

Have you tried this or a similar liner? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!


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    1. I thought it would make application awkward but it made it so much easier! X


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