Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Little Haul: Lush And A Non-Beauty Related Item

Just a quick post on some things I bought in Dublin today. I didn't buy much - actually technically I didn't buy any of this my boyfriend did! - but I'm excited about all of it!

I wanted to go into lush to buy some of their bubblegum lip scrub, because this stuff is a necessity for me in winter as my lips get so dry an flaky. It's a really great scrub, I usually make my own but I really wanted to get this one again because a homemade one is only good for a week before you have to throw it out and make more so this was handy. This is all I went into lush for but my boyfriend saw me smelling the snow fairy shower gel and going weak at the knees when I smelt how amazing it is so he sneakily paid for my lip scrub and snow fairy while I wasn't looking! So excited about the snow fairy shower gel, I've always wanted to try it it smells like sweets so it's going to be hard for me to try not to eat it! :-)
Next I went to boots and got some Carmex lip balm... Nothing exciting there really except I paid for it with my points so I didn't really pay! Teehee!
An lastly is another sneaky behind my back purchase from my boyfriend, he got me seasons one to four of outnumbered. I've recently only discovered how great it is and am obsessed with it! If anyone reading this hasn't seen it yet you have to get on to it straight away! It's hilarious!

That's it for now, I'm hoping to get a review up tomorrow of something I love at the minute, so see you tomorrow!

X o X

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