Thursday, 26 September 2013

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft And Gentle Review And Swatches

After not being able to walk away from MAC's Skinfinishes a few weeks ago without picking up Adored, (see it here) I've become obsessed with Mineralize skinfinishes, really, I am OBSESSED!
I know this is the MSF the whole blogging world raves about, and Ive looked at swatches loads of times and thought yeah it's pretty but I dont need it. That was when my thoughts were rational, now they've gone the other way and after purchasing Adored, I knew I just had to have Soft and gentle too, I needed it!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish In Soft And Gentle

In the pan, soft and gentle looks a bit meh, it just looks like a shimmery brown shade, not unlike a bronzer, when you get into the product and swirl your finger or brush over the pan a magical thing happens!
You get the most perfect champagne shade, amazing for higlighting the cheekbones or for an all over glow. 
My favourite use is for highlighting though as i'm so pale I think using this all over my face looking odd, I think it'd be beautiful all over the face this way on tanned skin.

L-R: Heavy Swatch, Blended

Though all my rational thinking went completely out of the window on this one, i'm so happy to own this skinfinish and it really is as beautiful as people say it is. It's steep price wise at €29.50 (in Ireland) but with the tiny amount you need each time you apply it will last forever so if youre trying to justify the price, use that as an excuse! ;)
What's your favourite MSF? I'm now so in love with the two I own that I want more! I've gone bananas over these babies! 
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  1. Ohh this looks so pretty! Thanks for the tip :)

    Lorraine x

    1. You're welcome Lorraine, thanks for your comment :) x

  2. Gorgeous color! Ahh I really need a msf in my life. Great post!

  3. Once you own one you want more immediately! ;) x

  4. Great post! Love this color!!! Please check my blog and maybe become a member if you like it :) we can follow each other (

  5. That's such a pretty shade. I like the shimmer in it too.

  6. It's a really fine shimmer it's not chunky at all it's so perfect! :) x


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