Wednesday, 11 September 2013

NOTW #3: Barry M Lychee With Catrice Kitch Me If You Can

L-R: Barry M Lychee, Catrice Kitch Me If You Can

I found myself in Boots Monday morning, wanting to buy something nice for myself but nothing that would break the bank either, so I spotted Barry M's Lychee Gelly Hi shine polish, which my Boots has never carried before and I've wanted it so badly so I wasted no time making it mine, also helps that I bought it with my reward points too so technically I didn't buy it at all! Sweet! 
Lychee is a nude, creamy off white shade. It's almost like someone took a white and mixed a bit of beige in there too but its so pretty and a really flattering shade and its now my new favourite polish. It's nice to have a nude shade that's different from the usual light pink shades.
Also I was a bit naughty and saw this Catrice glittery varnish in another local chemist it was so pretty I had to have it, the shade is Kitch Me If You Can and was only €2.99. It looks more purple in the photo but its actually more of a rose gold type glitter in a clear base, so pretty.

Naturally enough I had to try these two out when I got home and couldn't decide which to try first so I just tried them together!
I used Lychee on each nail, I used two coats. This applied really weird with the first coat, it was streaky but a weird kind of streaky, it actually looked like the peel of an orange with all these little dimples appearing in it, but after a second coat it looked perfectly fine and is really opaque.
I then applied Kitch Me If You Can to my ring fingers only, for an accent nail. I was going to pack this on originally but I ended up liking the way it looked with the Lychee showing through.
I really like the combination of these two polishes together, also both are lasting pretty well. I painted them three days ago now and there's no signs of chipping yet.
What's on your nails this week?


  1. The nude colour is really nice. Especially good for when you need to look professional but you want a bit of colour.

    1. I'd never thought of that before, but you're totally right, it's ideal for when you want to look professional but not boring x

  2. I love this nail combination, I would love to see the glitter polish packed onto the nail! :) xx

    1. It'll be packed on next time for sure! It's going to make it difficult to remove though! x


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