Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Liebster Award #4

A few weeks ago I was nominated by Marianne from Blog Of Hearts for a Liebster award! I've been nominated for this a few times now and think this is the 4th time maybe I'm not sure!

I didn't get a chance to get the post that I wanted up today written as I was super busy today, but rather than not post I decided to answer Marianne's questions as I've been meaning to get around to posting this for a few weeks.

As I've done this award before I'm not going to tag anyone in particular - which is cheating! But I tag anyone with under 200 followers who would like to do this! If you do decide to do the tag, you need to post 11 facts about yourself, along with answering the questions the person who nominated you has left for you.

11 Facts About Me

1. I'm actually from Manchester in England and moved to Ireland when I was 9.
2. I haven't lost my English accent at all and get confused when people ask where I'm from because I've lived here so long!
3. Some day I would love to own a sheep and a pig as pets!
4. I love to write and I wrote a novel when I was 14 - though no one has ever seen it! ha ha
5. When I get angry I cry, it's very annoying and it makes me look insane!
6. I am weirdly obsessed with Winnie The Pooh and have been since I was very little.
7. I spend way too much time on Twitter and Snap chat when I should be doing other things!
8. My favourite band is Paramore and I have a girl crush on Hayley Williams - she's amazing!
9. My favourite song is Fall Out Boy's Of All The Gin Joints In All The World - it has been since I was 15 and I don't see it changing now!
10. I'm a bit of a gamer - I'm obsessed with the Sims and I play GTA alot and I'll play anything I can get my hands on.
11. Gerard Butler is my ideal man!

Marianne's Questions

1. What is the best thing about blogging?
For me it's getting to speak to people reading my posts. When people leave comments or talk to me on twitter it's great to know that people are actually reading what I write - it's the best feeling and I've made a few friends because of blogging too!

2. What is the worst thing about blogging?
I haven't come across it yet myself, but there can be a lot of negativity towards people towards bloggers. I see it all the time, so what if someone looks different or is bigger or skinnier than usual? Pardon my french - but fuck it! I think it's ridiculous when people give bloggers abuse, its easy to be nasty when you're hiding behind a keyboard!

3. Do you have a signature scent? If so what is it?
My signature scent is Marc Jacob's Daisy, so much so that if I'm wearing something different people notice! ha ha!

4. What was your favourite beauty product of 2013?
I did a post on this, I had so many! It's definitely Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge though. I love it so much I feel like I never shut up about it!

5. If you could take a vacation somewhere, money and time no object, where would it be?
Easy - Paris!

6. Have you mentally changed much over the last 5 years?
I have to say that I really have, and it's mainly down to what other people have put me through. I've come out of a really bad relationship that began when I was 18, and I'm not the same person that I was. I'm weaker in a lot of ways, but stronger in others. But this is life and shit happens!

7. Do you have any bad habits?
I touch my face alot, that one annoys my dad he always gives out to me for it! I also bite my nails.

8. Who is your style icon?
I'm not huge into fashion, but I love the way Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson dress!

9. Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Lipstick, gloss annoys me!

10. Are you currently obsessed with any TV series?
Yes, Pretty Little Liars is my favourite I was a bit late to the party on that one, I only started watching it in November but I'm all caught up now!

11. If you could be reborn in any era (50s, 60s, 70s, etc) which would it be?
I have two eras I would have loved to be around for! The 20s and the 80s! I don't know which I'd choose between the two though!

My Questions To You

1. If you won a large amount of money in the lottery, what's the first thing you would spend it on?
2. If you didn't blog about beauty/fashion etc, what would you blog about?
3. Do you have any hidden talents? If so what are they?
4. Have you set yourself any goals for your blog in 2014?
5. What was your favourite beauty product in 2013?
6. Do you have a guilty pleasure? If yes, what is it?
7. What's your favourite film?
8. Favourite food?
9. Tell us a surprising fact about yourself
10. If you were to go on holiday/vacation right this second, where would you go?
11. Tell us a joke :)

I really like doing tag posts like these, especially Liebster awards and the like because the questions are different each time.

Just a heads up that my posts may be a little screwed up for the next week or so as I'm going to be busy moving! So I'm hoping to get a few posts scheduled but bear with me if there's a lack of posts or lack of response from me here or on Twitter, I'll get back to you all as soon as possible!

If you do this tag and answer my questions be sure to leave a link to your post below, I'd love to see your answers!


  1. I really enjoyed your post! Thanks for doing it and I totally agree with the 20s era! Lately I have been obsessed with The Great Gatsby and I just love the whole roaring 20s style!
    Lots of love,
    X o x

    1. Thank you Marianna, and thanks for nominating me! I really like doing these kind of posts! Yes! I love The Great Gatsby too! Their style was amazing if I could get away with dressing like that nowadays I would :) x

  2. 1. Definately a house!
    2. I have a Florida lifestyle blog! Check it out:-)
    3. I can hold my own on the piano.
    4. Nothing special, I'm new to blogging, so just finding my voice & becoming a better writter.
    5. I'd have to say, Cover Girl clean make up. Its not oily & is great!
    6. Ha! Easy! Chocolate & cheesecake!:-)
    7. The Green Mile.
    8. Chinese!
    9. After being in the hospital for a week with nemonia, I have squires asthma at 41! And have to use inhalers! Asthma is horrible!
    10. Some place warm, I'd have to say either Hawaii or Mexico?!
    !!. A joke, huh? (Sarcasm totally!:-) I live with my mother n law?!

    1. Thanks for answering the questions! I have asthma too though it dosen't bother me too much thankfully, it gets worse when the weather is warmer though - which isnt too often in Ireland! haha x

  3. Gloss annoys me as well ! Yay for lipsticks !

    1. Don't know what i'd do if lipstick didnt exist! haha! x


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