Saturday, 5 November 2011

Skincare Routine

Okay so the first thing I want to do is skincare. I think i've managed to get my skin under control lately. I'm gonna put my hands up and amit that I have awful skin. I have very oily but sometimes very dry skin thats prone to breakouts and it's been hard to find anything that dosen't upset it either by making it go extra oily or really dry. And after trying pretty much every skincare product that's available these days with little or no success...I think I found the one product that's made a huge difference to my skin and the ONLY one i've ever planned on buying again! And here it is...

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask
This stuff claims to: helps remove impurities and clear spots for doubly clear skin!

And it does do just that! I know you're supposed to use skincare products for a good few weeks before you see any difference, but honestly my skin started to clear up within two or three days of using this! It's pretty much got rid of most of my oiliness and my skin is so much softer for using this, even before i've but moisturiser on. Now for the best spots! they're pretty much gone! For the first time in my life! Not only has it cleared them up, but I noticed if I do get the odd one now and then they're an awful lot smaller and less red and fewer in number than what I would have got before.

So basically I love this stuff, I have been using it for about 2 months now and i'm still only on my first tube of it so it lasts forever! I use this as a wash every morning and every night and use it as a mask once a week, maybe twice depending on how my skin is. A very small amount does your whole face so you definatley get your moneys worth, and I think I paid €4.80 for this in Dunnes stores so it's fairly cheap for something that really works, I highly reccomend it!

The next thing I use is

Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing Toner

Claims to: Remove the last traces of make up, cleansing skin leaving it feeling soothed, supple and fresh

I've been using this for a while and it's basically just your ordinary toner. It's nothing special. It just does what a toner is supposed to do. It takes away any last bits of make up or other gunk that your cleanser or wash missed, and if you have any little dry skin pactches it helps to get rid of those. It does help the oiliness factor of my skin too, and just makes your face feel extra squeaky clean. A good thing about this one is that my skin does actually feel soothed after using it which is worth buying it for beacuse I have sensitive skin that's pretty prone to being irritated, so after wearing make up the whole day this just makes your face feel, well, nice.

This one I goot in Boots, can't remember the exact price but it was under €3, which is why I got it as it was a few euro cheaper than the one I used before.

Next Up is

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream for Oily and Combination Skin

Claims to: Support the natural balance of your skin. Moisturises and regulates shine for a fresh skin feeling

Before I start I should say that thats not the way the moisturiser should look. It usually has a screw top lid thats a really nice turquoise colour, not a white one. Mine has a white lid because I dropped the moisturiser and broke the lid and it wouldnt screw back on, so my very clever boyfriend took the lid off a toothpaste tube and put it on for me so that it wouldn't get all over my bag! So that's why it looks funny!
So i've had problems finding a good moisturiser, as any moisturiser I put on my oily skin even if it is made for oily skin, does seem to make it worse.But this stuff really is great! The first thing you'll notice is how it smells - it smells georgeous! It has lemongrass and rice extract, honestly I wanted to eat it when I smelled it!Apart from making your face smell nice it's a good mosituriser. It feels really light when you put it on, and absorbs into your skin straight away with no greasy leftovers like some others i've tried. My skin is left really feeling really soft, and actually looks softer too, and the mositure it puts into your skin really lasts all day, even under make up I can feel how soft my skin is.This stuff also has SPF 8, which is a good thing obviously! The only bad thing is like all moisturisers, put too much on and your face is like an oil slick, so you have to go easy on this stuff to get the benefits out of it.

I got this in Dunnes stores for €2.50, it was on offer then so I got a few of them. Not sure of the normal price but I doubt it's more than a fiver.

Some Other Things I do:

When I get spots I put some Sudocream on them. This stuff works great, it dries them out and is antiseptic too and if it's gentle enough to put on a baby's bottom it's good enough for my face! Another one for spots that you probably know is toothpaste, dries the spots out, but can sting like crazy if you have one that is open.

A great tip for getting rid of stubborn eye make up (especially eye liner off the top lash line) is to put some baby oil or baby lotion onto a piece of cotton wool and take it off with that. The baby oil is better as it also makes your eyelashes really soft so there's another great benefit to removing your eye liner.

So that's pretty much everything I do with my skincare, and it's working so I hope this helps others who have trouble with oily/combination skin!

Thanks for reading and take care!


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