Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Best Under Eye Concealer I Have Ever Tried Is...

The Lacura Beauty Concealer Pen!

Shocked!? I was too! For those of you who don't live in Ireland, or anywhere that has the supermarket chain called Lidl or was it Aldi? Can't remember, but I think it was Aldi! (both unbelieveably cheap supermarkets, that some people think sells nothing but rubbish) you probably won't be able to get your hands on this, but as far as I know everywhere in Europe has Lidl! Anyway I wouldn't have looked twice at the make up in Lidil before, but I was reading a magazine that said this stuff is amazing, and it's also only like €2!So I decided to try it and well, it's the best concealer I have used under my eyes, EVER! There are a good few shades of this, the one I have is Cashmere which looks like this:



It's a really creamy, really blendable concealer, it basically just melts into your skin. There's a few reasons why this is so good for under your eyes. The first is because it's a highlighting concealer pen, which brightens up the skin under your eyes. It's got a slight pinkish tone to it too which helps cover up any blue tones in the inner corners or under your eyes. It's not only good for brightening and concealing either, I put this stuff over my whole eyelid and it makes a great base for eyeshadow.Also this stuff has never creased on me like other concealers do under my eyes. So you're pretty much getting a lot of uses out of this pen that only costs a few euro. The only thing it isn't great for is as a concealer for spots, because of the brightening effect, it just draws more attention to them, so you need a seperate concealer for that, but this concealer pen is well worth getting!

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  1. You can get Lacura products in Aldi in England which is where I am going to be heading today to look for this!! Great review! I really want to try some of their moisturisers as they usually get good reviews in magazines V xx

  2. Thank you! :-)
    It really is a great concealer! I haven't read any reviews on their moisturisers but I must look into it and some of their other stuff actually. It can't hurt to try any of their stuff as it's all so cheap! XoX


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