Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sleek Mini Haul!

Today is a good day! Yesterday evening I ordered some Sleek stuff from Cloud 10 Beauty, and no joke, I got it this morning! That's not even a day's wait! And I also got a mini lip gloss and a little packet of nail files for free! So happy!

Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes Original and Oh So Special, Blush in Rose Gold

Click Read more for swatches and a proper look at my Sleek goodies!

I still can't believe these got here so fast, i'm actually in shock, seeing as the postage on this was €3, although I looked at the return address on the box and it's only up the road, in the same town my boyfriend lives in funnily enough so that could be why it got here so fast....anyway! I'm gonna show you the stuff now!

Sleek Oh So Special Palette

There are names on the shadows in this palette! Which makes it a whole lot easier for me to describe the colours to you! Okay so the shadow names from left to right on the top row are: Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz and Celebrate. The bottom row from left to right is: Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up and Noir.

Top Row Swatched

As with my Storm Palette, these swatch really well, with the exception of the first colour bow, it was showing up very slightly in real life, but not at all on the camera, I think it's because it's pretty much the same colour as my own skin. The texture of the shadows is the same soft, velvety almost buttery feel of the Storm palette that I am used to. The first row has 2 matte shades (Bow and Ribbon) and the rest are shimmery, but not as shimmery as the Storm palette shades, these seem a little more metalic looking.

Bottom Row Swatched

I have only realised that you can see my teddy Shep in these photos! haha! Hi Shep! :-) Anyway! this is the bottom row of the Oh So Special Palette. 5 of these are matte! Including 2 browns! The only shimmer here is Gateau, which is a purple shadow with a bit of pink in there too. And of course there is the amazing matte black (Noir) shade that is in all of the Sleek shadow palettes, and is the best black shadow I have ever come across.
The quality of the shadows in this palette hasn't dissapointed me, none of them have come off chalky or anything, the colours are beautiful and highly pigmented, and i'm so pleased that there are lots of matte shades in the palette along with some great shimmer shades, it's a great all round palette and would be a good one to get as a start if you want to try some Sleek palettes! 

The Original i-Divine Palette

I really wish there were names put on the shadows in the earlier Sleek Palettes, it's nice to be able to put a name to them all! But there aren't any names, so i'm just going to have to describe them to you! Again the shimmery shadows in this palette are more metallic than shimmery, in my opinion!

Top Row of The Original Palette
So the top row has the famous matte black shadow, a metallic/shimmery dark purple, a metallic/shimmery navy blue, a metallic/shimmery bright turquoise (which is the colour I wanted this palette for!) a slightly deeper metallic/shimmery turquoise, and a metallic/shimmery forest green colour. This is my favourite row of the palette colour wise, theyre all such vibrant colours and I can't wait to try all of these, they're going to look amazing!

Bottom Row of The Original Palette
From right to left: A yellowish gold shimmer shadow, which looks really yellow in the pan, but more gold swatched.A pretty frosty rosy pink, which reminds me of a pink thats already in the Storm palette. A golden pinky peach shimmer, which again is very like one in the Storm palette, if not the same. The next is a bronzey burnt orange shimmer, which is so impressive swatched, after that is a bronzey golden shimmery shadow and lastly there's a moss green shimmer.

I love this palette, though there is only one matte shadow, (the black one) I got this because I saw swatches of the limited edition jewels palette they had that I want so bad but you can't get anymore, and this really wasn't too far off the way that one looked. I also love the bright turquoise colour and can't wait to do some looks with that, it really is beautiful! If you're not a big fan of shimmer/metallic shadows, you might not like the Orignal palette, but if like me, you love pretty, sparkly things, especially in your make up, you're SO going to love this palette! 

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

I actually let out a little squeal when I saw how tiny the packaging is on the blush, it's so tiny! It's really cute! But it does look like there's a lot of blush in the pan, even though it is small! I ordered this because I have heard people saying that it is a dupe for the NARS Orgasm, and I don't know because I have never tried any NARS stuff, but I have really wanted to so I thought hey, lets get the Sleek Blush instead! So I don't know if it is a dupe or not for the NARS, but I know that I love this!

Rose Gold Blush Swatch
It's a rosey, peachy colour, with a really subtle golden shimmer to it. It really is just beautiful, the texture is so soft too, and when you blend this in, it just turns pretty sheer so i'd say you could build this up a bit. I would say it's probably a night out kind of blush, but I don't care, I love it so much that i'm going to wear this all the time! I'd love to know if it actually is a dupe for NARS orgasm or not, so if anyone has tried both let me know!

As I said at the start of the post, I got these from Cloud 10 Beauty, because I think the Sleek Shipping Costs are insane! But obviously you can get these from the Sleek Site too, there's links to both sites in my links box on the right of my blog. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my little haul, and i'll be posting some looks I made with this stuff soon, so watch out for that!

Thanks for reading and take care!



  1. I want that blush! It looks AMAZING!!
    V xx

  2. It really is so pretty! I have never tried a blush like it before! Highly recommend it!



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