Thursday, 10 November 2011

NYC Liquid Eyeliner Review

Oh my word! My shelves look dusty in this photo! Sorry about that! :-/ lol

Anyway! I picked this up yesterday in one of my local chemists, it was €2.99. I've been looking for a liquid liner with a fine tipped brush like this for a while. I know rimmel has a good one, but I dont like the brush on it, its a bit too long for my liking and I wanted a bit of a shorter brush for more control. So I found this and thought I had nothing to loose getting this seeing as I had a load of change in my pocket! So I was playing around with this today and did two looks

Cat Eye

This liner is your basic liquid liner, it does what it's supposed to. What I like is how easy it is to control, as I have pretty shaky hands. I usually apply liner in short strokes, but I was feeling brave today and did one big sweep of the brush over my lashline. Which I don't like doing with liquid liners usually because I get them everywhere, but this just glided on so easily in one stroke, I think it's because the brush is a bit shorter than normal. Staying power is good, I acidentally fell asleep in my make-up last night and the liner was still there this morning!

So all in all, a pretty good liner if you don't want to break the bank, and it's just as good as the Rimmel Liquid Liners, and even cheaper! So I do recommend this!

* * *

Also a non-beauty related mini post!

I thought I would mention that I got some Galaxy Caramel Cake Bars in the shop yesterday - honestly, these are yummy! Can't stop eating them! They're so good!

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