Monday, 14 November 2011

Sleek Storm Palette

So the postman came today! I was actually expecting my ELF stuff I ordered last week, but I got my Sleek Palette instead! Wasn't expecting it so soon, I only ordered it on Friday! Fantastic delivery Sleek! :-)

Outer Box And Outside Of Palette

Inside of the Sleek Storm Palette

I have wanted this palette for the longest time! I'm so happy I finally have it! So excited about it! I haven't actually used it yet, as I am having a no make-up day because my skin is bad and it needs a rest, but I can't wait to use it! I've swatched the shadows though! Yay! :-)

Top row of palette (Lighter Shades)

Okay so the top row of the palette has all the lighter colours. On the far left of my arm (also the bottom left colour on the picture of the palette) is A golden brown shimmery colour, which actually swatches darker than it looks in the palette. Next is a georgeous light shimmery gold, it would be amazing on the inner corners of the eye. Then there's a matte light brown colour, good for blending colours together. After that is a beautiful golden shimmer shade, which i am in love with and can't wait to try! The next is a light golden peachy pink, which is also a shimmer. The last colour on my arm is A bronzey colour with maybe a small hint of a burgundy or something in there, not sure what you would call it exactly, but it's also a shimmer and is a great colour.

Bottom row of palette

On the far left is an amazing bronze shimmer, this would look so good in the crease of the eye. Next is a colour that I thought would be grey as it looks it in the palette, but it's pretty blue looking when you swatch it, it's also a shimmery colour. The third colour from the left is a hard one to describe, it's a greyish greenish blueish colour, but so georgeous! Next is a nice dark shimmery navy colour. After that is a darker matte brown colour that I will probably use to define my eyebrows. The final colour is a matte black, which is actually mostly what I wanted this palette for.

I am so in love with this palette already and haven't even put it near my eyes yet. I barely swatched these colours and they came out so great so they have great colour pay off! Out of all 12 shadows in the palette, only 3 are matte, so if you're not a huge fan of shimmer the Storm palette may not be for you. But I love it! The shimmer in the shadows is almost jewel like and not your usual chunks of glitter, which is great. The texture of all of the shadows is really velvety and so smooth, I can't believe shadows of this quality have come out of a palette that cost €8.50! Such great value for under €10! I'm definatley investing in more of the Sleek palettes, if this one is anything to go by they're all going to be fantastic!  

The only problem is shipping from the Sleek Make Up site, is so expensive! It was €9.00 to get this one palette shipped to Ireland! I only got it directly from Sleek because two cheaper sites that stock Sleek palettes were out of stock of this particular palette and it's the one I really wanted and I wanted it before my birthday this weekend so I splurged! If you don't want to pay that crazy amount for shipping, I have found 2 fantastic websites that stock all the Sleek palettes and more of their other make up, and the delivery is as little as €2 or €3! They are Beauty Emporium and Cloud 10 Beauty so have a look there first before you pay €9 for delivery!

I really can't wait to use this palette! I will post some photos when I start using it! Definatley recommend this palette, and I can't wait to get some of the others! :-)

Updated Post 15/11/2011 - A look that I created using just the  Sleek Storm Palette,  the liner I used is the matte black in the palette.

Thanks for reading and take care!


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  1. I like this palette! the colour are really beautiful!


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