Monday, 7 November 2011

Urban Decay Smoke Out Eye Kit

This is something I bought a while back and though I liked it, I had other products that I liked more, and it really just got pushed to the side. I recently picked it up again though and i've started using it a lot. I'll tell you about what it has in it first of all. The packaging is so cool, I love quirky make-up products,it just gives it a little something extra and makes it more special, and this is definatley quirky which is really what drew me to it in the first place. It has 4 sections that are sitting on some kind of hindge that allows you to swivel each section around 360 degrees, and each section has it's own products.
The first section swivels around to reveal 4 shadows. There is a matte white shade for highlighting, a matte nude shade, a mid tone brown shade with some shimmer, and a dark brown shimmer shade.
The white highlighting shade ( which is on the far left of my hand before the brown shades start ) didn't show up at all really on the swatch because it is so light. These shadows are great, they're really pigmented and easy to put on. They feel kind of satiny to touch and feel great on your eyelids too. The staying power of these is great too, i've tried wearing them just on their own and with a primer underneath and while they did fade a bit without primer, they still looked good at the end of the day. The great thing about this kit is that the browns are subtle enough to do an neutural everyday eye look, but they build up into a great sultry smokey eye too, and they don't look as harsh as some other smokey eye kits do. The only thing with this section of the kit is that I wish there was more of these shadows than there is, because I really like them. There's also a mirror on the section that covers this that flips around, so that's pretty handy too.
The next section of the kit has a mini shadow brush that isn't great for applying the shadow to the eye lids in my opinion, but I find it is good for lining the lash lines with darker shadows as it really gets close into the lashes because of the shape. There's also a mini version of the 24/7 Glide on eye pencil here too, which I LOVE. When I wasn't really using anything else in this kit I was using this liner, it's awesome. It's a really black, dramatic liner, and it's also water proof so it's fantastic for lining the lower water line, and also for tight lining (which is lining your upper water line) So if you're not fond of the rest of this kit, this will probably be the best part of the kit for you, because it was for me at first.
The last little section of the kit has a mini version of the Skyscraper multi benefit mascara. This mascara is great. It really lengthens my lashes which are pretty short, a few coats of this and my lashes seem to be twice the legnth they are. The tube is pretty cool looking too. I would love to get the full sized version of this, but unfortunatley I have never come across anywhere over here that sells much of urban decay's products, so if anyone knows of anywhere in Ireland that does sell lots of their stuff please let me know in the comments!
I also forgot to mention that there is a little pull out drawer that has a little instruction book on how to do a great smokey eye. This kit is well worth getting, especially for those who don't have much make up as you can do a lot with this, it's also great for putting in your handbag too.
 I got this for €20, not sure how much it is supposed to cost, as I got this in a brilliant chemist that we have in Cavan town that gets in random items from higher end brands and sells them pretty cheaply most of the time. So normally this could cost a bit more, but I really don't know to be honest. Even if this does cost a few euro more, it's a great little kit and is worth the money.

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