Thursday, 10 November 2011

Revlon Color Stay Foundation Review

Revlon Color Stay Foundation in 150 Buff

I have been looking for a pretty full coverage foundation that lasts all day, because I have lots of acne scaring, and when I get breakouts I do get them pretty badly, and nothing seems to cover them. Also I like my make-up to stay where I put it and not have to worry about touching it up during the day,and as I have oily skin its pretty much impossible for me to not have to touch everything up several times a day. I also hate bringing loads of products around in my handbag, it just bugs me. So I was reading really great reviews about the Revlon Color Stay foundation. So I picked this up the other day. (Yes I know all I seem to do is buy make-up! Lol!)

I knew from the reviews I had read that this foundation comes in two types. It has a type for Normal/Dry Skin and a Combination/Oily Skin. I have the Combination/Oily one. The shade I have in this Is 150 Buff, this is the lightest shade in the Combination/Oily type I believe, but don't quote me on it. This foundation is supposed to stay put for 16 hours, though some of the reviews I read said It lasts longer than that. 



One of the first things you'll notice when you screw the lid off is that there is no pump or dispenser for the foundation, it's just a bottle that you're going to have to pour the foundation out of. I don't like this because you end up pouring too much out and end up wasting it. Also this dries pretty quickly so it's a better idea to not pour this onto the back of your hand as your skin will absorb it and it will dry, so what I do is take a plastic lid off a little pot I have for putting your products in while travelling, and pour some of the foundation into that. 

I use my fingers to put this stuff on, as the heat from my hands helps to get it blended quicker because of it drying so fast you really need to get it blended in quickly. I just concentrate on one area at a time instead of dotting foundation over my face and then blending because this could be half absorbed by the time you get to it. But it blends well despite how quick it dries. 

Once on it looks like your skin. I didn't think it would because of how thick it seems, but it really does just even out and make your skin look smoother, it also covers up all of my scarring, which is great, it covers up small blemishes really well, you would almost forget that they are there. At the minute I have one pretty big blemish on my chin, and it has done well to cover the redness, but obviously you're going to have to conceal the bigger ones like you always would, but this particular blemish I have is a monster and is hard to fully cover up but on it's own this did a good enough job of making it look better than it is. 

My Face In Daylight With Color Stay Foundation

My Face After 12 Hours, Without Having To Touch Up (With Flash Because It Was Dark)

Sorry for the pictures of my moody looking face, I would smile properly but it makes my eyes go funny! Lol!

I have only worn this yesterday and today, but I can already tell you that I will re-buy this as I can tell how good it is already because of how bad my skin is today, it's really covering everything. The only things that aren't great are as I mentioned already the bottle and there's also the smell of the foundation. In the bottle it smells like paint, but don't worry! It dosen't smell at all on your face, but the smell of it in the bottle is a little gross. The other thing is the price. I got this for €17.50. It is pricey for something from a drugstore brand, but I seriously don't mind paying this because the foundation really is as good as all the reviews I read claims it is. I just wish for the price you're paying that they would stick some kind of dispenser on the bottle so you don't waste as much, seems like a no brainer for me that that should be there.

This is now my favourite foundation! And believe me I have tried a lot of them! So bottom line is if you want medium to full coverage, or want to cover up scars and the like, this could be really great for you!

Thanks for reading and take care!


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