Monday, 7 November 2011

Maybelline The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara Review

The Brush:

My Lashes after applying 3 coats:

Hmmm. This stuff dissapointed me hugely. I had seen reviews of this and it looked really good, pictures of it after it had been applied looked pretty impressive. Before putting this on, I curl my eyelashes for a good 30 seconds, with a normal curler and a mini curler to get the corner lashes, this left my eyelashes with a really nice curl. Then I started putting this on. I like to usually put 2 or 3 coats of mascara on, so I started off with one, this was okay, the curl stayed there but lost a bit of it's curl, but that's okay because that happens a lot to me because I have very straight eye lashes anyway. I put a second coat on and it started clumping and weighed down my lashes so much that they practically went straight again. I was pretty annoyed and decided to do another coat anyway just to see if I could get rid of the clumps and maybe make it look a little didn't work.
As for the full lashes and the "feline" look you're supposed to get - I really don't see it at all.The Volum' Express mascaras are supposed to be volumising and give you fuller lashes, but this one actually made mine look longer. The only thing I like about this mascara is the packaging. I think if the mascara formula was a bit drier then it would be much better than it is.
I got this in Boots and it was €11. I wouldn't by this again and would go for some of the other Volum' Express mascaras that Maybelline have.

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