Monday, 21 November 2011

ELF Mystery Box!

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been quiet over the weekend, but it was my birthday and I was in my boyfriend's house for the weekend and I didn't get near a computer! But I am home now and I got back and my ELF order with my free mystery box was sitting on my bed! Yay! :-)

Contents of my Mystery Box! :-)

Along with the few brushes I ordered I got my mystery box. In the Mystery box I got 2 nail polishes, one in Golden Goddess, which is a pretty gold glitter polish, and I got another in Smoky brown, which I already have but it'll be a good present for someone. I also got their bamboo foundation brush which is in their mineral line of stuff I think, and I got a Shimmer eyeliner pencil in Plum passion.

I have to admit, this isn't the mystery box I wanted I wanted the one with the Beauty book but I actually am quite pleased. The foundation brush is so soft its crazy, I cant stop rubbing it over my face lol it feels so nice against your skin, have never felt foundation brush this soft before. Also the eyeliner isnt something i've ever really been interested in trying but it's actually a lovely colour, seems to go on easy and there's also a cool little sharpener in the lid, so you don't have to bring one with you if you're going anywhere and let's face it its always good when you can bring less stuff! 

So even though it's not exactly what I wanted in my box, i'm very happy, and it was free! I hope ELF do an offer like this again, it's the best one they've had yet in my opinion! :-) 

I'll have a good few reviews up over the next few days, I owe you all that much because I know I've been fairly quiet, but I'm back now! 

Also before I go, thanks to the new followers for following! :-)

Thanks for reading and take care!


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  1. Thats a lovely mystery box! The eye pencil looks similar to the MUA ones you can get in superdrug, they have a sharpener in the lid too! Really useful for on the go.
    Hope you had a brilliant birthday!
    V xx


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